Advanced Technology Solutions

Consumers Tech is a full-service performance marketing firm that handles all lead generation in-house. We offer customizable, real-time reports tailored to different product lines. Our Pathway Traffic Solution mixes various offers, timed perfectly and balanced to boost results for both advertisers and publishers.

Our know-how comes from years of partnerships with top-notch sources of Internet marketing insights and data analysis. We handle tens of thousands of leads every day, and our databases manage millions of data sets, ensuring reliability and adaptability across different sectors.


At Consumers Tech, our SEO efforts focus on enhancing and promoting your website to increase visits from search engines. Our proven strategies are crafted to drive more traffic to your site. We take care of everything from the content on your site to how other sites link to yours and how your site is structured—all aimed at making your website more visible and boosting its ranking in search results. We also offer free advanced SEO tools to help improve your website's presence and rankings.

Design and Targeting

Consumers Tech runs a network of websites each targeted at specific consumer interests. Our design team crafts and markets web properties finely tuned to specific products and services, ensuring each site effectively attracts and engages its target audience.

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